Friday, 8 July 2011

cpd23 Thing 4 - too much information!

cpd23 Thing 4 is about keeping up with the latest information. I am experiencing some resistance to this idea, but I can see why it's important to have methods of organising information from lots of different areas. It's just that there's so much of it! And do I really need to know it all?

I managed to log in to my old Twitter account, which I've never used, but I'd obviously subscribed to various feeds as it was full of Guardian Books, cycling (I am fanatical about road racing), and one or two other things. Mindful of last week's "Thing" about branding, I thought I would try to change my Twitter name - successfully deactivating my old account, only to discover there are already numerous other people with the name I wanted to use (philgo, like this blog). So now I don't have a Twitter account at all until I can think of a new identity.

At this point I ground to a halt and applied myself to the tedium of the annual stock check, which I'm determined to finish this week. I will come back to Twitter, Rss feeds etc, and am impressed by other people's efforts.

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