Tuesday, 21 June 2011


My very first blog, hmm.
I guess I'm feeling a bit sceptical about blogging - mainly, how on earth will I find time to do it? Reading other people's blogs yesterday took up a couple of hours and I felt pretty guilty about that when the stock checking/ displays/ etc is all piling up. It's much the same as when I spend an afternoon actually reading my stock - feel I have to explain myself, as if I'm not doing anything.
So, why a blog now?
I saw the info about cpd23 via a CILIP mailing and really liked the idea of the self-directed programme. The topics are exactly the areas I've been needing to develop, and have actually done several CPD courses on, but never find that development space to get it embedded. So I'm hoping that I will get this into a routine and really make time - I've put the "Things" in my diary to look at on a Monday.
I'm also in the middle of my CILIP Chartership process and have been very stuck with it over the winter months, so I'm hoping this will help me keep up the momentum and develop my reflective practice.
I'm a secondary school librarian and feel like a sole worker, though I am lucky enough to have an assistant at lunchtimes, who does cataloguing, research for teachers, displays etc. I do have good contact with the teaching and support staff in school and also a brilliant Schools Library Service which keeps me in touch with my other High school Librarian colleagues.
Unlike the new bloggers (New Professionals) I was reading yesterday, I'm pretty much towards the later part of my career, though since the retirement date gets further off every  time I look, I'm expecting to be around for a  few years yet.
So now I have to do the scary bit and "go live" with my blog. There's the private bit of me which is hoping no-one notices!


  1. Thanks, Philgo - I'm reassured to see we're in similar situations (Chartering, sceptical about blogging), since I've seen several pretty zippy blogs already! I found time to set up a blog this week only because we are all off-timetable for Enrichment Week... I'm determined to stick to it this time!

  2. ditto, I'm very much in the same boat as rbjenson (chartering, sceptical about blogging,) and yourself (getting on in years!) Hoping to enjoy the experience!

  3. Hi Philgo,
    I am also a solo librarian pressed for time- I think learning new tricks is worth the effort and gives us the wow factor!

  4. Hi Philgo, School librarian and solo are very common and like others I'm dipping my toes in blogging although I've had the site for a while. I spend most of my time with 6th formers which can be interesting at times but they keep me young. I want this course to help me organise my online 'stuff'.

  5. Hi Philgo, I'm not a school librarian, but I work with lots of wonderful folks who are. I think it's the most challenging job in the library field, and potentially the most rewarding! So three cheers for all you guys! I look forward to hearing the UK school perspective, since I'm from the US. One of my school library friends is also doing this 23 things program: http://anniecdlc.blogspot.com/, if you want to connect with her.